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Okay, it's not really my store, but here are some links to where you can purchase my book.
Praise for Throttling the Bard:

"Any college student or graduate will understand the motivation of Dr. Vendicarsi as he tries to challenge the structure of the student loan system. Motorcycle enthusiasts will enjoy the ride and Burners will enjoy the Burn. Many of our readers will enjoy this book and I will definitely recommend that you add it to your library."

"Every now and then I have the pleasure of reading something modern in the literature category. Constant wordplay, dynamic characters, spiteful villains, and delightful scenery all come together in this adventurous tale of two interesting wordsmiths riding across Nevada."

"Motorcycles, nude people, riding fast, police chases, explosions, book burnings, scamming bikers at a biker bar....there's something in this book for everyone."

But really the heart and soul of the story are the main characters and their interactions; real emotions, hidden insecurities, and lots of laugh-out-loud moments combine to make this a very fun read.
I'll be sharing this one with others for sure..."

"Seems like the kind of trip I would like to take."

Digital versions of Throttling the Bard available at: