After a back and forth email chain, an order, and a delivery, the Tattered Cover bookstore has my book on its shelves in all three of its (Denver) bookstores. This makes me both happy and freaked out.

It should go without saying, that I am pleased an independent bookstore agreed to put my book on its shelves. But now there’s the underlying fear and thoughts of “What if it doesn’t sell? What if I have to take all 9 of my books back?”

 Henry David Thoreau, after having his book Walden Pond ignored by the rabble wrote to a friend saying, “I now have a library full of 100 of my own books.*” Which is both funny and sad as I now worry about the same dilemma. I wonder if other authors fear the same.

 So I awoke around 4:30 this morning and tossed and turned to try and figure out how to boost sales and let the good citizens of Internetland know Throttling the Bard is out there. And most importantly, sell all 9 copies from the Tattered Cover’s stock.


*I’m paraphrasing.