As unluck would have it, I'm getting transfered to a new boss (we're talking my ninth in ten years). So I'm going to miss the banter with my boss. Here is today's:

11:11 AM ME

Hey there. Do I need to look at my coworker's work to make sure it was done or will they do that?

11:13 AM BOSS

You do it.

They've checked out

11:13 AM ME

Thought so.

11:14 AM BOSS

They're worthless.

(I'm writing their review now, if you can't tell.)

11:14 AM ME

Yeah, I've tried to get them to do many things lately and they just ignore me.

11:15 AM BOSS

btw, your little Ural excursion can suck it.

11:15 AM ME

If it helps, I thought of you that day.

11:15 AM BOSS

Suck it, Chachi.

Yeah, i was shuttling kids around in a fucking minivan.