My brother just told me about a site called after I posted on a timesuck Facebook that getting real mail is one of the best things in the world.

Postcrossing is apparently this website where you can send and receive postcards. You register (I haven’t done it), then get addresses to send postcards to, all the while receiving your own postcards from other strangers. Kinda cool and probably a great way to make (some sort) of friends that you can visit (read: crash on their couch) if you’re ever in their hemisphere of the world. (I like to think big (and use lots of parenthesis (like Faulkner)).)

But it reminded me of an ongoing contest I have with a friend in England. One day she sent her most asinine postcard from her village. It was a collage of photos of four (modern day) buildings from her village including a church and the post office. I fired off one to her of half of a red pickup and part of a front loader. She returned fire with a postcard of an old keep, only it was a shot of the wall of a kitchen with the castle’s key on the wall.

But luck was on my side when I found the ultimate in bad postcards. We were traveling through Xi’an, China to see the terracotta warriors and I came across a postcard collage of passport sized photos of four men that all had a hand in the world heritage site. Even more interesting was the fact that they were all named “Yang.” There wasn’t even a faded watermark of a terracotta warrior! Just four elderly men in front of a red background. That’s it.

Although my friend in England admits to this being the best postcard so far, I am in eager anticipation of her next move. It’s got to be a good one.