A weekend or two ago, Deana and I were goofing off around town when we decided to stop at a restaurant for a late lunch snack. When the bill came, we pulled our usual stunt of looking at the bill, looking shocked and pushing it toward the other. This can go on for a while and it never gets old for us. But about the third pass between each other, the man sitting next to us at the bar reached over and grabbed our bill. He said he was going to pay our bill for us. We protested (albeit mildly) that we were just kidding around, but he insisted saying this was what he was doing today. So we thanked him and left. We were really touched that he did that for two strangers and I resolved to pay it forward.

 That next week, a friend contacted me with an idea he had for his wife’s birthday. He wanted all of their friends to do a random act of kindness today in honor of her and linked to a post where a woman did something similar.


 Since we’re all writers and books pretty much mean everything to us, I thought I’d put this in my favorite book at a library so some kid who picks it up to read will get an unexpected treat.

  Remembering how fun it is to find such unexpected treasures as a kid, I was pretty happy about doing this.