A writerly pilgrimage

October 13, 2011
I'm on the East Coast Road Trip this week, and since I traveled through Massachusetts, I had to take the pilgrimage to one of the writers who set my wanderlust in motion: Jack Kerouac. I read his book "On the Road" in high school and have looked forward ever since to getting in a car and just going. (Good thing my day job has me doing that often!)

(photo forthcoming. Apparently I'm too much of an idiot to post the photo in here and I'm way too tired to try after the 57th time. Fuckers.)

So I keep track of roads I've driven/ridden, states and sites I've seen, and (as always) all the good places to eat along the way.

So thanks to Kerouac for inspiring my writing and my traveling!

Postcards from the edge (of reason).

July 17, 2011
My brother just told me about a site called Postcrossing.com after I posted on a timesuck Facebook that getting real mail is one of the best things in the world.

Postcrossing is apparently this website where you can send and receive postcards. You register (I haven’t done it), then get addresses to send postcards to, all the while receiving your own postcards from other strangers. ...

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You're outstanding, but we don't know much about you

July 11, 2011

So I’ve been working at my company for 10 years now, and in honor of my outstanding service (emphasis mine), I received this email:


Jay Barry has reached a service milestone today of 10 years with COMPANY.

Please be sure to contact Jay to recognize this important milestone.

If Jay is no longer with the company, please send an email to HR at THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. If you are n...

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Dancing with Matt!

June 27, 2011
Sunday, Deana and I got to head to the Denver Center for Performing Arts because Where the Hell is Matt is putting together another dancing video. If you haven't watched any of Dancing Matt's videos, I suggest you look up his videos, including the making of at his website: www.wherethehellismatt.com  

It is quite easy to get sucked into his videos, looking at the places he's visited, watching what the locals are doing, and then watching the way his dancing friends are dancing. One watch isn't...
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NOT my 15 minutes of fame.

June 13, 2011
Well, at least I hope not. The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers put a call out for artwork (apparently they have enough authors), so I sent a link to some of the art I have on my Facebook page and they've already posted on of my pieces on their website. You have to scroll down on the right side to see the pen and ink drawing of a kid with an umbrella. Let's see if they've corrected the spelling of my name by the time you click on the link.

Wow. So many links! Ooooh! Ahhhhhh!

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Support your independent bookstores!

May 11, 2011

After a back and forth email chain, an order, and a delivery, the Tattered Cover bookstore has my book on its shelves in all three of its (Denver) bookstores. This makes me both happy and freaked out.

It should go without saying, that I am pleased an independent bookstore agreed to put my book on its shelves. But now there’s the underlying fear and thoughts of “What if it doesn’t sell? What if I have to take all 9 of my books back?”

 Henry David Thoreau, after having his book Walden...

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Duran Duran

April 6, 2011

I just heard on the radio Duran Duran will be here later this month. I’ve been mocked quite a bit for my love of that wonderful 80s band and I’m okay with that. But I’ve had a good history of listening to their music, starting way back to the first time I lived in Colorado. I was 12 and my brother had promised to buy me their Seven and the Ragged Tiger cassette if I raced (skiing) well enough to make it to state finals.


But to delve deeper remember that Duran Duran was not only popu...

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That's not right!!!

March 27, 2011
So I got a smart phone this past week (we'll ignore the fact that it makes me feel quite stupid). In the process of setting up widgets, apps, and mail servers, I found something marked "Voice Dialer." I've seen these before on phones, but never had any interest in using it--mostly because of all the jokes shown on TV and in movies about this feature and thinking it doesn't really work well.

So with nothing else to do, I punched the button. It prompted me to say a name or number and so I said, ...
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Conversations with my wife

February 20, 2011

Captain Chemo Cat was off on an adventure (more on that later), and so I took out my camera and took a lot of photos of Rio just being a dork (Runs in our family).

Me (After 100 photos): Am I weird for taking a lot of photos of our cat?
Deana: No, it just means you're making up for lost time.
Me (Singing, but not very prettily): And the cat's in the cradle with a silver spoon....

Stay tuned for a day in the life of Captain Chemo Cat where he shows you he puts on his pants that same way you do.

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Captain Chemo Cat(tm) in Search of Evil Doers!!!!!

February 18, 2011

A story starts off with mild-manner Rio Kitty napping....

...when suddenly his kitty senses tingle!!!

Changing into his hazmat superhero uniform...

Captain Chemo Cat awakes, ready to pounce!!!
Ah-ha! Hark Evil Doers! Your end is nigh!

Captain Chemo Cat takes evasive action by

The world is safe for now... But... For how long???
Stay tuned for another installment of Captain Chemo Cat
when he battles Toxic Pee!

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