Halloween. A time of trick or treat. A time for cute little kids to come to the door in dinosaur costumes and for Deana to make them Rawr for their candy. It is also a time for apathetic teens who are too embarrassed to dress up in a costume, yet still enjoy getting free candy to also come to the door and demand candy. Little shits.

 Two years ago it wasn’t too bad. When uncostumed teens would come to the door, Deana would make them come up with a name for their “costume” before they got their candy. Last year, they didn’t even try to make something up. So why bother giving them the good stuff?

 So at the end of Halloween last year, I took the remaining candy that neither Deana nor I would touch, and I saved it. I put it on a window sill and forgot about it through winter and summer. So now when the disaffected youth of today come around demanding candy just for showing up, I’ve got a special bowl of lime flavored candy and restaurant mints for them.

 Cute little dinosaurs and superhero kids? They still get the good stuff.