I just heard on the radio Duran Duran will be here later this month. I’ve been mocked quite a bit for my love of that wonderful 80s band and I’m okay with that. But I’ve had a good history of listening to their music, starting way back to the first time I lived in Colorado. I was 12 and my brother had promised to buy me their Seven and the Ragged Tiger cassette if I raced (skiing) well enough to make it to state finals.


But to delve deeper remember that Duran Duran was not only popular back then, but also had these great music videos that often showed topless women dancing. As a 12 year old boy, boobs did wonders for capturing and keeping my attention. Plus they had this video that had a sailboat in it which was also fascinating to me and no more attainable than those mystical boobs I had heard of in adolescent legends.


So I made it to state finals and got my cassette. That summer we left the Rocky Mountains for the West Indies and my downhill racing career ended, but my love for Duran Duran continued and while living in Trinidad they came out with their Arena tour which I missed because, for some reason never fully explained to me, they didn’t tour the West Indies. If there was ever a concert I wanted to see, it was that one: Duran Duran at their pinnacle—before their split. Of course I missed it and as a result the first concert I saw was Huey Lewis and the News.


I finally did get to see them two albums later. A sweet girlfriend at the time got us tickets for my birthday and we drove to the Woodlands to watch them, but honestly it just wasn’t the same. They didn’t have the 80s theatrics and costumes and the concert was anticlimactic. I never went to another one of their concerts, but now that they’re coming to Denver, I’m thinking I should go, but they’re already sold out. The dream and disappointment continue, but I still listen to their music.