Sunday, Deana and I got to head to the Denver Center for Performing Arts because Where the Hell is Matt is putting together another dancing video. If you haven't watched any of Dancing Matt's videos, I suggest you look up his videos, including the making of at his website:  

It is quite easy to get sucked into his videos, looking at the places he's visited, watching what the locals are doing, and then watching the way his dancing friends are dancing. One watch isn't enough and he's gone a great job of riding this wave of interest by continuing to travel to fantastic destinations. It makes me want to dust off my passport and hit the road.

So I'm not sure if he'll use the footage from yesterday's shoot, but if he does, look for the green umbrella on the right hand side of the screen, that's us.

And finally, he said he'd sign shirts and books, and dance with you, so we made our own little video of dancing with Matt.

Dancing with Where the Hell is Matt from Jay Barry on Vimeo.