So admittedly It’s been a suck year. Friends have died, pets have died, but I still know I’m one hell of a lucky guy, living the life I want to live. I take vacations, I learn to play music, I ride my motorcycles, draw, paint, get creative, vent, laugh, still have job and I’m about halfway through the second novel with ideas still bubbling forth like a certain adult beverage that’ll be prevalent around midnight tonight.

 I remember a long time ago, pining away for something that seemed impossible to attain. I wanted a house that I could use when I wasn’t traveling the world, and that each room would have the artifacts from my adventures, each with their own story to tell and a steadfast memory.  This year I think I realized that I had attained that goal.

See? I know I’m lucky. I get that.

But now everyone’s making their new year’s resolutions and I can get that too. I thought about it a bit today and have come up with this. I’m resolving to continue to live this amazing life I have spending time with some of the most amazing friends. I’m going to keep on rocking this life with Deana, chasing each other around kitchen island, giggling helplessly, learning new things, and seeing more of the world. There's nothing I want to change.

So yeah, I am ready for the New Year.

Brace yourself for ’12.