First off, the link to Big Al's Books and Pal's review of my book, "Throttling the Bard":

There comes a time in every school kid’s life where the teacher will write on the board in easy to read letters, “Homophones”  and will tell that child of words that sound the same (like “passed” and “past”) but are spelled differently (and if you haven’t caught on yet, mean different things).

 Clearly I was absent that day. I do remember two days in a row when I tricked my parents into thinking I was sick. Away went the school books and out came the comic books.

 So what I’m getting at is that you, my fellow readers, might have noticed a typo or two in my novel (for which I apologize), that might need some further proofreading on my part. I got my book reviewed on Big Al’s Books and Pals website catering to indie authors and he mentioned that I got my “past” and “passed” mixed up on occasion. For which I again apologize.

 Therefore, tomorrow I’ll go through my book again and locate all past and passed (both passed and present (just kidding!)) and correct them. And in the future, any reader who mentions a typo in my book gets a shiny new button from me! A cleaner version on my precious baby will be on the cyber-shelves soon enough.