If you've ever received financial aid to attend college, gotten a liberal arts degree and asked yourself, "What the fuck do I do with this!?" or just wanted to hop on a motorcycle and experience what life has to offer, this book is for you.

Throttling the Bard

Throttling the Bard, a modern tale of road trip mayhem, has been described by some as "Don Quixote" meets "Easy Rider."

Within the seemingly pristine halls of academia lurks the seedy underbelly of financial aid and an English professor in Las Vegas who has bilked that system for many years in order to redistribute its wealth to students of a lower socioeconomic class. When the Great Basin Student Loan Corporation discovers Dr. Don Vendicarsi’s illegal means of obtaining student loans, they demand his presence at their Reno office. Fearing that his teaching career will end prematurely, Vendicarsi must ride to Reno to face off against the inscrutable loan board. Quentin Mann (a grad student whose self-described persona, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, comes out through his internal narrations) goes along for the ride, thinking that the trip is the perfect opportunity to force dissertation comments from Dr. Vendicarsi. Together they embark on a quixotic motorcycle road trip across Nevada where they encounter everyday Americana: a book burning cult, drugs, captivating women, and the Burning Man arts festival.